How to do Indigo Web Check In?

In keeping with the latest developments in technology, the aviation sector has moved fast to adopt new innovations that simplify the on-boarding process used by passengers and make it extremely convenient to use it. Indigo, the top Indian carrier with more than a third of Indian aviation traffic to its name, employs these latest innovations for web check in process. Indigo web check in is an online means for selecting the seats, paying for extra baggage or meals, request for some special service and choose priority boarding. By performing these tasks right on their desktops, laptops or smartphone devices, the do not have to queue up at the airport counter of the airline for getting their boarding passes.

Outlined here are simple steps to Indigo online check in process. Following these steps you would be able to check-in through web from your place or even while you are on move. This is especially beneficial if you have paucity of time for catching the flight.

1.Visit the Indigo website at

2. Check the main navigation bar and click on ‘Check In’.


3. You would be asked to fill booking reference and email or last name of the person who booked the tickets. Then click on ‘Check In’ button.

4. In the next step you would be prompted to accept the Terms and Conditions. After accepting these, you continue to next step.

indigo webcheckin seat selection5. The next step relates to selection of seats, meal choices, excess baggage slab selection, get priority boarding facility, etc. After making all these choices, you move on to the final step of getting your boarding pass.

6. The boarding pass is sent to your email will details of itinerary, ticket number.

These six simple steps complete the check in process on domestic flights of Indigo airlines. Indigo web check in can be done by passengers either during the initial booking of flight tickets or after they have booked the tickets. It opens 48 hours before scheduled departure of flights and remains open till 2 hours from the scheduled flight time. Indigo web check-in facility is also available on its mobile application.

Though it is extremely convenient to use this facility, it is important to note that it would not be available in certain situations.

  1. This facility can be used only for domestic flights and not for international flights.
  2. More than 9 people travelling on same PNR can not check in using this method.
  3. People with check-in bags can use this method while boarding at select cities. For them, this facility is not available at all airports at this stage. Travelers with check-in luggage have to first go to drop-off counter for tagging of their bags.
  4. Travelers requiring special assistance, such as wheelchair bound or with other medical conditions, passengers with infants, unaccompanied minors, pregnant women and other such persons who need to be verified for their special needs and documents are not eligible to use this method. They have to necessarily use airport check-in facility for getting the boarding passes.

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